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Is Instagram finally bring back chronological order?


The answer is well yes, kind of, maybe. According to a few sources, Instagram made a prototype that will sort of show your post in chronological order. Instead what will happen is when you open your Instagram app you will receive a “Would you like to get caught up with these users?” with the option to say “See Posts” or “Not Now”. The below image is from Twitter user @wongmjane who often has learned about new updates to Instagram months before they come out.



Alexandru Voica an EMEA tech comms at Facebook replied to this tweet saying:

Another great find, thanks for sharing it. For those who are keen to know how this was developed, it’s an early prototype from a recent hackathon (a Facebook tradition). It is not available to anyone publicly, and we have no plans to test or launch it at this time.


Hackathon’s are a tech tradition for a lot of companies that allow the tech teams to be creative and come up with new ideas for the brands/companies they work for. Though there are no current plans to test or launch it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Hopefully, with this tweet going around and all the comments being for it, Facebook will decide to push ahead with it.

What Can You Do For Now?

Currently, Instagram shows a “you’re all caught up” message if you’ve gone through all posts from the last 3 days of your timeline. But the post won’t be in chronological order. The only way to really know you have seen everything in your feed is getting to that pop-up message for now…



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