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MilkShake vs Linktree

As an influencer, you are constantly dealing with URL Links. You might have discount codes, affiliate links, social media links, or website of your own. That is were sites like Milkshake and Linktree come in. So what are they? They are social marketing tools that allow users to share more than one link in their Instagram bio. There are a lot of programs out there like this some for more formal business and some more for personal but these are the two I have used the most and wanted to compare the positives and negatives of both.

Linktree: The Visual

Linktree: The Cost

As you can see from the image above, Linktree gives you a good amount of items for free but if you are willing to pay $9 per month you can get some great insight and additional customization for the price.

LinkTree: The Bonus

Analytics: LinkTree will give you some general analytics for free regarding the traffic of your links. If you purchase the premium membership you will get even more detailed analytics.

LinkTree: The Negative

In general, you just don’t seem to have a lot of options unless you pay and everything is very simple. You can’t truly customize your page to fit you without putting some cash into it.

MilkShake: The Visual

Milkshake: The Cost

So far from using Milkshake, there is no cost involved. This doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future.

Milkshake: The Bonus

Analytics: You are able to see detailed information on your pages as well as website links for free which is great to know what links get the most traffic.

Card Ideas: In the app, they have a place stating if you have a card idea to email them. So I decided to give this a try. As an Influencer, I have a Media Kit that I usually send to brands who I am working with to get a little background on me. This way they could see my media kit without even having to contact me. Not only did they respond, they actually asked me more questions about what exactly I was looking for. To me, this is absolutely amazing. For a company to actually LISTEN to their users and suggestions is a huge plus for me.

Milkshake: The Negative

The only real negative I see to this program is you can’t update your page on a website it can only be done on your phone. Now, this isn’t a huge deal but I do wish I was able to access this program from more places than just my phone.




  • Nika

    This is great! I like them both, but I like the visual of Milkshake a bit more 🙂

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