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Is Instagram finally explaining the algorithm?

“Blame the algorithm” or” I’m shadow banned” are two of the biggest complaints for Instagram users for the past few years. Back in 2016, Instagram changed how it’s user feeds were displayed. Before the algorithm posted in chronological order. With the algorithm, you will get a post from 2 minutes ago next to a post from a day ago. Then the shadowban became the newest thing to lower your engagement. This is when your account is hidden due to hashtags or third party app usage like Facetune.

Instagram recently rolled out a new update that helps explain why certain accounts show up more often in your feed than others. From this little information, the update has shown that engaging in someone’s IG stories and liking their photos are the two main indicators of how high up an account will be on your feed.

The bad news is it doesn’t really let you do anything about it. There is no way to switch an account to the “most shown” or “least shown” category. Your only option to change the list is to use the mute or unfollow button to move someone to the “least shown” or continuously go to “least shown” and engage with the account you want to start showing up in “most shown”.

I don’t think this is the only factor in how the algorithm works, but it is the first ingredient in the magical recipe of Instagram Engagement. Instagram has been saying they are wanting to be more open with their users. We will see what other details we will learn about in the upcoming months.




  • Lauren

    Oh interesting! I’m going to check my most/ least interacted with now!

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