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DM Follow Loop Chain | Does it Work?

You have probably gotten a DM with this message in the last week. I have gotten a total of 47 of these in my DM’s over the last week. This is the newest way people are “gaining followers”. It is like the old school email chain of “Send this to five people by midnight or Scary Sally will kill you”. Except these often say you will get “HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS” of Followers.

Pros & Cons

Pros: This is much better than using a service to buy followers. The followers will more than likely be real accounts and active users. Also, most services to buy followers will give you male followers. This will more than likely give you female followers which is the demographic most brands are interested in.

Cons: Just because they followed you doesn’t mean they will engage with your content. Having a high follower count and low engagement is what will keep brands from working with you. Also, having a large following of other influencers can be negative to your account because in the demographics brands can see how many of your followers are business/creator accounts. 

Does It Work?

I went ahead and sent one of the 40 some messages I received to a few followers I know are also content creators/influencers. I tracked my Socialblade for my stats. I also tracked a few other influencers Socialblade accounts as well who had sent me the message to see if anyone truly had a spike in their follow account or as the one message said gain ” hundred or thousands of followers”. 

The Results: I watched all my test subjects Socialblades for a week. No one gained hundreds or thousands of followers. Honestly, everyone gained a normal average amount of followers.



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