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Group Giveaways / Like Pods: The way Influencers are making thousands of dollars off other influencers.

….with JUST the ghost followers there was $750 dollars… the giveaway was for $300.

We have all seen the Social Media Pyramids / MLM programs going around Instagram and other platforms, but there is a new way influencers are making money off each other and it might be the reason your feed has been clogged with group-giveaways. I have experimented with Like Pods and Group Giveaways in past blogs, and I have noticed giveaway amounts aren’t adding up and Like Pods have expanded into more than just like for like.

Group Giveaways

I have tested/joined group giveaways in the past but the thing I have noticed more and more with a lot of the groups who have invited me to join is the gifting amount hasn’t been adding up compared to the number of people involved.

I decided to join another giveaway (you should always just expect that if I’m doing a giveaway it is for an experiment). I did a buy-in at $15 for early by in, which basically means I agree to do it a month in advance. The normal spots were $25 and a ghost spot was $35. When I joined the group there were only 21 girls plus the organizers and their additional Instagram pages (shops, etc). When The actual Giveaway went live there were 42 people that people had to follow. So that means half of the giveaway was ghost followers that means with JUST the ghost followers there was $750 dollars… the giveaway was for $300. This also was a giveaway that gave me the least amount of followers and traction I have ever done. I can’t even say that the $750 went to promoting because of the lack of traction the giveaway had.

Like Pods

Telegram is the spot most people go to for Like Pods due to the fact that if you try to do one in the DMs of Instagram you will get banned. Often you will get a link in your DMs to join a pod. Joining a pod means you will likely get invited to join more pods in the collection run by that manager. All the pods vary in engagement types and usually have a timeframe of 24 hours or 12 hours to engage. The timeframes dictate how long you have to like everyone else photos in the group. Each user will post a link to a photo for you to like but you cannot post a link for your photo until you have caught up on liking all other users’ links.

  • Like & Save Pods
  • Like, Comment, & Save Pods
  • Follow, Like, Comment, & Save Pods

Often in Like Pods, you will be required to follow the manager(s) and like all their posts even if they don’t like yours. Often the rules will say something like “The manager will only follow back and like accounts that inspire them”. I can understand this since, if they are a good manager, they will be working on recruiting, checking for rule-breakers, and other factors within the group. But not every pod has a good manager.

The newest craze in Like Pods is “SUPER USERS”. Influencers are taking the money away from like bot companies and getting back not only the likes but also money from other influencers in exchange for “Free/Real Likes”. One way to combat this is to use an automatic like a bot in telegram. For example, @done24bot will like all the photos in an Instagram pod for the last 24 hours for you. All you have to do is message it on Telegram and it will show you instructions on how to use it.

Influencers often post about supporting each other, but is it really “support” if they are being paid? What do you think? Leave a comment below if you think it’s okay for influencers to earn money off each other in these ways.

PS – Comming Soon New Blog Post: Stepping in the shoes of a Like Pod Admin. (Part 2 of Group Giveaways / Like Pods: The way Influencers are making thousands of dollars off other influencers.)




  • Tiffany

    Wowwww I didn’t know about the pod scheme! But I always thought the group giveaways are useless for me. I did it twice and once the giveaway is done my engagement drop so I stop doing that!

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