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AmyMay Presets Review

Creating a beautiful and unique feed is a must for an Instagram influencer and one of the ways to do this is by using presets. Presets give your images an overall look and feel that you can adjust in lightroom with simple tweaks like exposure, lighting, or colors. AmyMay is an influencer and creator who recently released her line of presets on Etsy. I have always been a fan of her feed so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on her presets. I purchased the ULTIMATE BLOGGER PACK for $20 so I could try out all of her presets.

The Testing

I took a simple photo with a ring light to show you how her presets effect lighting, skin tone, and colors. I also placed the original image next to the preset photos to show you how the colors of your photos will change. Some of these presets will greatly affect certain colors. For example, you will see in some of the photos below my blue sweater will change colors. You can simply go into your lightroom colors tab and readjust the blue tone to bring back the color.

Just like any preset depending on the lighting of the photo you might have to adjust items to make your photo brighter or darker, depending on your feeds mood. You can easily adjust her presets by using going to the Light tab and adjusting the exposure, highlights, or shadows. When I added the presets to this photo I did not change any settings to show you what the photo will look like without any adjusting. If you like the coloring of one of the presets but feel it is too dark or to light using the light tab is a simple way to achieve that.

Final Thoughts

I honestly really enjoy these presets and for the price they are great. I currently have been obsessed with the Poppy presets but I look forward to switching it up with some of the other collections in the future. Presets are a great way to boost the coloring in your photos as well as create a feed that gives a mood and theme to your page.



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