Gift Guide 2019 Influencer Tips + Tricks

Gift Guide: For Influencers

Starting out in the influencer community can be daunting and other than a good quality camera there are tons of other items you can use to up your Instagram/blogging came without spending hundreds on a camera. Check out these items and more below:

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More About These Items:

Backdrop Set: When the weather isn’t great but you are bored of the same boring walls in your house a backdrop set allows you to purchase backdrops to hang up and use for different environments. Or simple use blankets, wrapping paper, etc with this to create a new backdrop.

Backdrop: Backdrops are a great way to change up your shots and with a backdrop set you can easily hang these up to give them a realistic environment.

Ring Light: This is the exact ring light I use for most of my photos. It is easy to use and can travel with you anywhere!

Light Box: Sometime shooting product shots can be a pain but with a light box it can help you achieve those close up shots of products that will be bright and crisp.

Presets: Etsy is filled with preset packages. Finding and making your own presets can be hard start of with another person’s presets to help find your vibe. The more presets in the package the more options you will have withing the same mood. Better to start with a large pack and narrow down based on color and tones.



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