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Tips & Tricks When You Are Action Blocked

These tips are tricks are possible ways to help get you unblocked from action blocks. All of them might not work for everyone but the options could possibly help or help you learn more about why you were blocked in the first place.

Like Limits / Follow Limits

You are usually only allowed to like 300 photos per hour and follow/unfollow 50 people per hour. Though if you have been action blocked previously or recently that number goes down. If you have been released from an action block recently take it VERY SLOW. I have known people who got unblocked liked 5 photos and got blocked again. 

You Need To Calm Down 

This is not only a tip to keep from being action blocked but a good tip for engagement. Instead of liking the photos on your feed. Go to each person profile select the photo like and then comment with a minimum of 4 words. This allows time between each like and comment so that you don’t get flagged as a robot. Take it slow and really engage with the people you follow and they will engage back double sided bonus. 

Use a Different Device

Often the block is specific to an IP address. Using a different device allows you to have a unique IP address sometimes allowing the block to be lifted. This also can be an issue if you have multiple accounts running on one device so if you have a personal and business account try putting them on different devices to not get action blocked.

Uninstall and Turn off Data

Simply uninstall then re-download before opening the app turn off your data and use WiFi. This should remove the action block. 

Change Bio

Often if you do simple changes like edit you bio or remove your website link will show Instagram that your account isn’t a robot. This is obviously not an instant result but if none of the quick fixes are working this will help.

Report a Problem

This is the simplest solution to the problem. Go into your settings select help, report a problem. I often find attaching a photo to the problem seems to help move it along fast. Simply say I have been action blocked but I am not a robot or use third party apps. Also I feel just hitting the “Tell Us” button doesn’t do much. Instead go into your Settings and Report a Problem in the Help Section.


If this is your first offense often you will only be blocked for an hour or two. The more times you are action blocked the longer the punishment will be. Your block could last 24 hours to a month. Simply just take a social media break. Stop trying to use the app. The more you try the longer it could take. Take note of when you were action blocked in 24 hours try to do an action if it doesn’t work wait another 24 hours repeat until you are unblocked. If you are Action Blocked cause you are using third party apps they will instead give you a specific date. This is so you have the time to remove all those apps by that date so you account wont get suspended.


Seriously, These are not helping your engagement. Companies can now see if you have bought followers or can easily check using different sites/programs to see if your followers are real. Go into your setting and remove all third party app access and just engage with your followers. It is a slow process but with the growth of micro-influencers fewer followers with better engagement is what the industry is looking for. Most companies want you to have above a 3% engagement rate you can check you engagement rate on socialblade.



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