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Don’t Get Blocked From Instagram (How To Check Your Unfollowers & Ghost Followers)

Instagram has been cracking down more and more on third party apps. This includes not only like and follower gaining apps but also apps that track who follows/unfollows you. Below I am gonna give you some more information on what will happen if you use these apps and how to check your unfollowers and ghost followers without any apps needed. To read the instagram policy click here.

What Happens

If Instagram realizes your account has been using third party apps you will receive one of a few “Action Block” notifications. These notifications are more known for going over the limit of likes or comments per hour. Though in the last few weeks instagram has started doing more intense action blocks for third party apps that can last a week to months depending on how many third party apps you have used. This could even lead to your account being permanently blocked.

How To Check Your Unfollowers

Though this method isn’t as easy as a third party app it is a simple thing you can do if you truly want to know this information. All you need to do is log onto your instagram account on your computer and follow these steps:

Once you are here you can simply copy and paste all of the accounts into an excel spreadsheet. I personally will then save and label the spreadsheet as that date. Then you can go through the same steps the next time you want to check in a column next to the original. Then simply do a find duplicates check and any usernames that aren’t highlighted have unfollowed you. Here is the Microsoft how to on finding duplicates for more information.

You could also use this trick to check for those who like to follow to unfollow. You can do this by simply comparing your followers list to your following list in the same method

Check Your Ghost Followers

You can also use this trick on find out ghost followers by saving your followers into one column then in each additional column copy and pasting usernames who have liked your photos. (One column per photo). This information isn’t as easy to obtain so you just have to scroll through who all likes on your photos and then copy and paste into a new column on the spreadsheet. Then yet again use the check for duplicates tool and any account names that don’t show duplicated in your follower list are not actively engaging in your account.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t something I personally feel really needs to be done but wanted to give people the option who want it. It may take more time and effort but it is safer than using a third party app and getting your account banned or even your account hacked. Hopefully with instagram cracking down on third party apps and engagement groups more will mean more organic user engagement as well as people not playing the follow to unfollow game.



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