I Bought a Week’s Worth of Buzzfeed Recommended Items

Buzzfeed is one of those website that is a guilty pleasure for me. It reminds me of when the internet was first available to the public and going to was the thing to do. It’s filled with articles, videos and quizzes to keep you entertained for hours. Though the section that I always find myself drawn to is their shopping section which often has a lot of items from Amazon

My Amazon cart’s “Save For Later” section is filled with items that Buzzfeed has recommended in their shopping articles like “Summer Dresses For Cheap”, “Beauty Items That “Really Work”” or “Cute Items To Buy Just Because”. I currently have about 117 in my Save For Later section that are all from Buzzfeed articles. 

So what’s better than to make content from my embarrassing Save for Later section. Obviously, I don’t want to punish my bank account or my apartments front desk with 117 Amazon purchases, so I narrowed it down to some basics to get me through a week. Focusing on clothing for a work week and weekend activities. My job doesn’t have a dress code but for the purpose of this adventure I tried going for a mix of different work place attires. 

DAY 1: Velvet Top & High-Waisted Pants

Opinion: I honest spent a good 10 minutes trying to decided which side is the front and which is the back of this top. It obviously cheap but it’s not horrible. Would be a great top to have around Christmas time. These pants are super comfy honestly will probably buy a few pair to wear to work. The material is light without being super thin.

Day 2: Green Work Dress

Opinion:  Personally this dress did not suit my body type at all. It hit me in all the wrong places and was very uncomfortable to wear. Also be prepared to show some leg when you are sitting the slit makes it impossible to cover your thighs while sitting.

DAY 3: Red Summer Dress

Opinion:  Love this dress. Super comfy and breezy perfect for a casual day. My only issue is that it hits a bit high on me but it has such a boxy fit that I don’t mind it.

DAY 4: Blue Collar Dress

Opinion: This dress is super adorable. The velvet fabric makes it more a winter dress but it could easily be dressed up or be more business casual. The fit is great and the skirt hits me at a spot I feel comfortable with.

DAY 5: Polka Dot Midi

Opinion: The fabric is perfect for a super hot summer day, if you have a bigger bust you will for sure need to size up just for the top area. I was able to use some clothing tape to close up the gap in the bust area and also wear a bra that squishes my boobs down a bit.

DAY 6: Knit Tank & Resfeber JEans

Opinion: I have never tried this brand before and it isn’t the best quality but the jeans are great for those who like a comfy fit. The top is bulkier than I expected but I personally kind of like it. Only real issues is the knit seems like it will get stretch out fairly easy from any pulling or tugging so maybe get a size down to avoid that in the future.

DAY 7: V-NEck Tank Top & Levi JEans

Opinion: They are legit Levis and not faked. Super comfy and have a good amount of stretch. The top is super cute and surprisingly well made for the price. I would personally say size down for most people but I like tops like this to be a little big. I will probably buy a few more.

How Buzzfeed Benefits

Just like LikeToKnowIt for influencers, Buzzfeed makes a small profit from you selecting the links they post. Most of the shopping articles start with this statement:

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.” 

They also allow companies to submit their items to be part of their articles through sites like Shopify and also work with brands on launches of their products. I couldn’t find any solid information on how many of the items that show up are “promotional”. I did notice in a lot of the shopping articles the same items would pop up a few times possibly just because they were popular items. I imagine they have a program kind of like LikeToKnowIt does were if they promote certain brands at certain times they get a high payout or something of that sort. 

Final Thoughts

I personally hate shopping in stores and being able to have a place to go for recommendations is great for me. I would recommend to look at the reviews of any Buzzfeed recommended items and the amount of recommendations. Though all these issues are also issues with online shopping in general especially with Amazon. I imagine the amount Buzzfeed makes off the shopping compensation is very little compared to the rest of their website.



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