Collaboration to Purchased

I think we all often see influencer promoting things but often you see a post about those items once and then never again. Though I decided I wanted to start a series of collaborations items that have purchased more of or started to explore other products in their line because of how much I liked the collaboration item. Here are a few products that I have done collaborations with that have become go to products in my daily life.

Skincare : Cane + Austin

I am in love with Cane + Austin’s Miracle Pads +. I use these pads two times a day and they have helped with my skin texture as well as dark spots while still treating my adult acne. I highly recommend them to anyone about to be 30 or in their 30’s to help with age prevention and acne. I have purchased two additional containers since my two collaborations with them. The primer from one of my collaborations earlier in the year is still going strong so i have not had to buy more it is great for days that you want that “Makeup Free Look” but still want to hide pores and give yourself some glow. Once this product runs out I will for sure be buying more. You can also get their products on Amazon which is always convenient.

Haircare : Briogeo

This brand has honestly saved my hair. Since I stopped dying my hair my scalp and hair have been going crazy getting use to being not chemically dyed every month or two. I have done a few different collaborations with Briogeo but one of my favorite collaboration items I now use every day is their color protector leave in conditioner. With my hair being part dyed and part natural my ends are dry and crazy but the leave in conditioner brings life back to that part of my hair while not being too heavy for my natural hair. I also have branched out and started using their Scalp Revival line which has been a HEAVEN SENT on my scalp. My scalp around my period becomes a firepit filled with scabs and is extremely painful. The scalp revival line helps calm my scalp down and soothes the pain and helps remove the scabs.

Accessories – Lily & Oak

I am always down for hand crafted items and Lily & Oaks products are one of a kind and absolutely gorgeous. I originally did a collaboration with her on a clutch I wore to a friend’s wedding and I still to this day use that clutch when I need one. Since doing that collaboration I bought her canvas tote and it is my go to bag for work. It is amazingly hand crafter and works with any outfit and allows me to keep all the things I need for work in one bag. I also got a cute little tassle keychain that I attached to my keys which is just a fun touch to add to bags or keys.

Clothing : Lemon & Lavender

Lemon & Lavender is a brand that I originally bought from before they asked to me to do a collaboration with. It is a online boutique run by women with clothing that follows the trends while also having great staples. I originally bought a few items and fell in love with the items I got and when they asked to do the collaboration I was more than happy to. Since doing the collaboration I have bought even more from their shop. The quality and prices of their items in all categories are so great.

Lifestyle : Hello Fresh

I have been a food subscription person for years. Once I worked with Hello Fresh though I switched from my old food subscription box. Hello Fresh’s meals are so much more exiting and the delivery has been so smooth. The old company we used would deliver at random times and they would say the box was delivered but we could never find it also the boxes were huge. Hello Fresh is a good size box that is easy to carry and you always get bonus goodies like mini samples and discount on other programs.