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A Guide to Media Kits for Instagram

It’s Not About You

I know this sounds harsh but its true. Media Kits are technically about you but at the same time, they are not. You are selling yourself to a brand so really your Media Kit should be about what the brand wants and how you can help the brand not the other way around. You don’t go into a job interview saying ” No need to look at my resume. I will be taking the position at $75,000 a year if you could just email me my user information and mail my health insurance to….” If you are trying to just get free items from brands you will be sniffed out pretty easily. You must always remember you aren’t doing them a service they are doing you a service.

Your Introduction Pitch

The question no one likes to ask themselves but in this industry, you have to know is “who you are?” and how to catch the eye of a brand. Just like the 140 characters, you get in your Instagram Bio you have to be able to sell yourself in a quick intro on your Media Kit. For those 90’s babies out there it’s like watching the MTV show NEXT and when the person hops off the bus and had those few seconds to say something witty as the facts about them came across the screen.

So how do you do this without it turning into a episode of NEXT? You have to ask yourself these questions: Who, Where, What, How?

WHO – Are you a blogger, instagram influencer, youtuber?

You need to know who you are. If you are a new influencer on Instagram you can say ” I am a micro-influencer” or if you are a mix let them know by saying ” I am a YouTuber and blogger” Its really that simple but Its the next few part that will make you rethink WHO.

WHERE – Does your location matter?

If you live in New York do you need to put your location in your introduction? Well that depends, are you posting content regarding New York other than it just being the background of your photos. Are you going to the local restaurants and taking photos of the food than ABSOLUTELY YES. If your content interacts with where you are, then add it. If your content does not it doesn’t mean it will hurt you in any way it just might not give you an advantage.

WHAT – What are you doing?

The Leopard Trend Lives On

“Okay. So you got an Instagram? That don’t impress me much.” Shania Twain’s lyrics might not have any lines about Instagram but there is a point. What do you have to offer to brands? Having an Instagram isn’t gonna cut it. Having lots of followers isn’t deep enough. What do you do on Instagram?

  • Are you a Fitness Buff who is inspiring other women to be their most active self.
  • Are you at Home Chef trying to show the world that advance cooking can be done in an average kitchen?
  • Are you a Travel Blogger who likes to show people new and fun travel destinations?

By knowing what you do it helps brands know if you would be a good fit for them. As much as I would love to do a collab that involved going to Japan. I know my Media Kit would be at the bottom of the list for a travel collab because I don’t show a lot of travel on my accounts.

HOW? – How do you keep your followers entertained and happy?

This is a little bit of repurposing of your WHAT. To be a good influencer or blogger you need to understand what your audience wants or likes. At least you have to be able to read your own account and see what post do well and which ones do not.

  • Fitness Buff Example: I try different work out programs so my followers don’t have to.
  • Chef Example: I test out making gourmet recipes without having all the fancy gadgets so my followers know they can recreate at home.
  • Travel Blogger: I explored areas that most tourist wouldn’t know about to find the hidden gems of popular vacation spots.

The best way to figure this out is to go look at your most popular post what are they about if there is a common theme try to create a sentence about the theme.

Now all you have to do is put the answers to these questions into a mini paragraph or sentence and you have already created your intro to your Media Kit.

Important Information To Have

Contact Information

  • Email – If you haven’t created a new email specifically for your blog or Instagram you should do this.
  • Add All Relevant Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Etc) If the social media account isn’t used to share your influencer/blog activities don’t put it on there.
  • A Phone Number can be an uncomfortable thing to put on a Media Kit. If you have Gmail you can sign up to get a google phone number so you can take calls through Google Hangouts.

Engagement & Analytics

This is something that can immediately grab the attention of brands. If you have an Instagram Business Account then you can find all this information on your stats page. There are free tools online that will check your engagement and analytics for you but they all seem to have varied results. The main data you would want to put on your Media Kit are :

  • Follower Count / Subscriber
  • Engagement Rate
  • Avg. Likes / Avg. Views
  • Newsletter Subscribers

Partnerships, Previous Collabs, & Features

Here is where you want to show off what you have done. If you have done a good amount of collaborations go ahead and do a block showing off all the brands you have worked with. I find it best to use the brand’s logo this can be found with a simple google search or going to the brand’s website.

From My Media Kit 2019

If you are just starting out and only have a few you could add the images you took for the collab with the brand’s logo in the corner of the shots. Add them to your Media Kit to show off what you have done so far.

If you haven’t done any collaborations yet that’s okay! Instead, post images that you have created that would work for the brands you would be wanting to work with. Instead of labeling the section “Partnerships, Previous Collabs, & Features” name it something like “Example Product & Style Shots”.

2017 Media Kit

Where To Put This Information?

My go-to source for creating anything for my blog or Instagram is Canva. This is not a sponsored post I just generally think it is a great starting point for any influencer or blogger. They have tons of templates for Social Media. It is a free online program (there are upgrades that cost money but I have never used them). Once you log on to your account just simply start typing in “Media Kit” and select.

CANVA Search

You will then get a sidebar filled with tons of different layouts for Media Kits that can work for anyone you can customize the color add additional photos or take away items on the media kit. Some of these are two pages. I personally now only have a one pager but you can do two pages if you like. My favorite templates for Media Kits on Canva are:

Final Thoughts

Media kits are something that can help expand your influencer career but you must always remember that there are tons of other people wanting to do what you do so you have to show them you would bring their brand business. Also on that note don’t get discouraged you never know what a brand is looking for. Mirco-influencers are becoming a huge thing in 2019 so don’t worry about your follower count and focus more on your content. Your Media Kit will be always growing due to Follower count/engagement rate or even your content. I try to update mine at least once a month.

Here is one of my previous Media Kits as well as my current 2019 Media Kit to leave you with. It takes practice and your first media kit might not be perfect but you will learn and grow.


2019 Media Kit




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