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Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt


If you have been on Instagram you more than likely have seen a post with the little LikeToKnowIt heart in the corner that looks like the image above. I have looked into this program many times and thought about joining. I have talked to members and have been offered referrals but I was never sure how I felt about the program. Now I don’t want this post to be any kind of hate toward anyone who uses this app this is just my own experience and opinions on how this app is used. I follow and know many people who use this app and it works for them.

Like to Know It App

Images By: John Keese

So What is LikeToKnowIt?

It is an app from RewardStyle that allows you to shop the outfits of influencers on Instagram or via their blog by taking a screenshot of their post or by following them on the LikeToKnowIT app. They have also expanded into other areas such as home decor, beauty, and children’s clothes.

How does it Work?

Using the LikeToKnowIt as a consumer is free and accessible to all, To be an influencer on it is a by-application process only and often requires some kind of referral by a current member. The program allows you to make a commission if someone buys anything or clicks the linked products in your pictures.

Reason #1 – Complicated Use

I personally think the steps to use this app are very complicated. The fact that I have to load up my phone with screengrabs of other peoples Instagrams seems like a long road to take in a word of quick technology. Also, I am no longer an iPhone user but everyone hates the dreaded pop up of Storage Almost Full.


Then there is just the idea of having to switch apps. Having to open another app either wait for the screengrab to be recognized by the app or to be following the users already on the LikeToKnowIt app then searching for that post just to find that one skirt. As part of my path toward minimalism having fewer apps on my phone is an easy step toward that so the concept of this program isn’t practical for me.

I have never used it on the Influencer side but from what I have heard about posting with them it seems like there is a lot of rules and requirements for posting with their symbol.

Reason #2 – Toxic for Everyone Involved

For Influencers: I know many LikeItKnowIt users who are constantly stressed. Posting every image with the LikeToKnowIt heart multiple times a day to either try to get promoted on the LikeToKnowIt Instagram or to just meet the required post per week. This is a very toxic environment when it is very obvious from the LikeToKnowIt Instagram that there are about 10 girls who are constantly on their feed and they are very “similar in look”.

For Followers: I personally do not have the app on my phone because I want to limit my apps. I have seen a few times followers post on a LikeItKnowIt post and ask “Where did you get that skirt from?” and the Influencer will put “Check Out My LikeitKnowit page”. Now I understand that they are trying to make money by getting the user to click but there are better ways to answer this question while still leading them to the post like saying ” I got it from Nordstroms if you want the direct link to the item check out my LikeToKnowIt page”. To me, this is like going to a website and them forcing you to give them your email before you can view the site. This idea just turns me off and makes me not want to continue following the person or going to that website.

Reason #3 – Fast Fashion Promotion

The main reasons I decided not to join this influencer program was the current issue of Fast Fashion. If you haven’t watched The True Cost on Netflix you really should. With women promoting new outfits daily the race to be “In fashion” is a never-ending race. The Fashion Industry use to have 4 seasons now they have almost 60 seasons a year. With the New Year starting one of my goals was to become more minimalist and make all my new clothing purchases be sustainable ones.

Final Words

I wrote this post not to bash anyone who uses the LikeToKnowIt App. Like I said I know many people who use this app and it works for them and they like it. I personally do not like the complex process for use, the toxic environment it brings, and the fact that it promotes fast fashion. Again, Please check out The True Cost on Netflix. It will hopefully help you understand my personal feelings toward this app.

If you are interested in Sustainable Fashion check out this list of clothing stores from The Good Trade HERE

Later Babes.




  • The Evolista

    Great post!! Sustainable fashion has been very top of mind for me. I’ve been wearing new items with things I’ve had for awhile. Love IG for outfit ideas and shopping my own closet. LTK Is great to organize details. Thankfully I’m not looking to get on the LTK page. I’m sure the pressure for people that are is difficult. Love when people share the sustainable fashion message. Great post!

    xx Jenifer

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